Work with some of the world’s most exciting businesses and become a vital part of a dynamic firm with real opportunities for growth.


What working for Dasuni means.

Working at Dasuni means working directly for and with some of the World’s most exciting businesses. The variety in our client base means you will get exposure to lots of interesting companies in the media, entertainment, gaming and legal industries. However, it’s not all glamour and show business. Our customers depend on us to make their businesses work – and we are always looking for staff who are passionate about supporting business owners overcome the technology challenges they face day-to-day.

As a small company we look for staff who are comfortable with varying roles and a dynamic environment – you need to be able to adapt. Dasuni is a growing business, meaning employees have the opportunity to support, lead and develop the business. Everyone is given the opportunity to contribute, and to take responsibility for shaping the company’s future. We have big ambition with consistent growth year on year – and we want the right people with us on our journey to become the World’s best IT Managed Services Company.


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The Recruitment Process.

1. Initial Assessments

After receiving applications for any current vacancies, we will ask that you complete the initial assessments.

2. Meet the

This is an opportunity for our internal recruitment team to get to know you better and for you to learn more about Dasuni and the role you have applied for. 

3. Meet the Management Team

Cultural fit is really important to the team at Dasuni. This is a chance for our management team to meet with you and have a conversation about your personal goals and aspirations.

4. Meet the Director

As a final step, you will meet with the Owner and Director of Dasuni for a final stage interview.

5. Receive an

If successful, you’ll be contacted by our Recruitment team to discuss start dates and be sent an official offer of employment.


Submit your CV and start a conversation.

We are Recruiting

If you think you can help us on our journey, we welcome your CV and covering letter. Any specific vacancies currently open can be found by following the links below. Are you qualified? Beyond the bullet points that detail the requirements of the specific job, there are cultural fit requirements we look for in any candidate.

We’re not kidding. Being able to interpret a customer’s request and then use some common sense to determine what they need will take you a long way at Dasuni.

We want people who are ready to take something and OWN IT. There are no answers at the back of the book. When you own something, it feels GREAT when you figure out how to solve problems.

Personal responsibility is something we treat with an extremely high value at Dasuni. If you make a mistake, own it and correct it. Take personal responsibility for your actions and you will fit right in with the Dasuni team.

Communication with clients is an absolute requirement and much of that communication happens via email and telephone. Be lucid and cogent in your written and spoken thoughts. Customers appreciate intelligence and brevity.

Don’t worry, though. If communicating with clients is not something that interests you, we are a technology company at heart. There are also opportunities for people with STRONG technical capabilities. Everyone has to be able to engage with clients to some degree, but all engineers will 100% need to, we don’t have coding roles etc. The Admin roles are the ones with the least client engagement, but the engagement levels are still pretty high.

Ready to get started?

We recognise the importance of our staff and want all Dasuni staff to be happy and proud to be part of the Dasuni organisation. We seek individuals who are passionate about their work and the world of technology. We recognise that the future growth of the company will rely on the team we build so we are always open to finding the right people.


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