VoIP & Communications

Fast, stable and competitively priced communications services to keep you connected with the outside world.


Identifying the IT challenges you face.

Poor connection?

Can’t rely upon your connection at times when you need it most?

Spiraling costs?

Feel like you have lost the grip on ever increasing fees?

Remote struggle?

Is it a pain to connect and work away from the office?

Looking for proactive, flexible and reliable IT Support?


Solving your Comms & Connectivity needs.


Hyperfast connectivity that keeps your team performing optimally with a growing number of cloud-based services.


High levels of uptime, along with a low-latency rate, will keep you and your team online and functional.

Cost Effective.

A range of services that are cost effective and deliver much greater levels of value for money.


Digital security and data protection are at the heart of all modern communications and connectivity services.


Business Fibre, Broadband & VoIP.

FTTC (Fibre-to-the-Cabinet) services can provide businesses that are on a budget, with a reasonably fast connection to the internet. 

VoIP telephony carries voice traffic over the internet, as opposed to needing independent telephone lines (for traditional phone systems, such as ISDN). A VoIP phone system can be cloud-based and provide far greater flexibility and operational benefits, plus cost advantages for your business.

For those businesses that demand a far greater level of connectivity to the internet, there are a growing number of fibre options available - from FTTP (Fibre-to-the-Premises), through to Fibre Leased Lines.

Extensive VoIP solutions

The Dasuni team have high technical capabilities but the story doesn’t end there; we believe that strong interpersonal skills and employing an empathetic approach to user problems is also key to providing the best possible service delivery that we can.

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