managed IT Support

Empowering you and your team to get the very best from technology, with all the proactive support, guidance and provision of IT services a modern, forward-thinking business demands.

Unreliable systems?

Cannot rely upon your technology or IT Support provider to proactively support your IT needs?

Missing opportunities?

Feeling unproductive and disjointed by not getting the most out of your technology?

Slow & ineffective?

Is your IT Support provider failing to support your needs in a timely manner?


Identifying the IT challenges you face.

Looking for proactive, flexible and reliable IT Support?


How we help solve your IT challenges.

Helpdesk Support.

To quickly resolve IT issues and provide on-demand technology help for your people, our IT Helpdesk teams provide rapid local support within UK and US business hours.

On-Site Response.

Expert technical hands-on support is available from our field engineering team to keep your network and devices working optimally across your business.

Strategy & Budgets.

To ensure that technology best supports the growing needs of your business, we will work with you to develop an IT strategy and budget that fits around you.

Proactive Advice.

In addition to monitoring your network on a 24 x 7 basis to maintain uptime and mitigate faults & threats, we’ll keep you informed to make the best IT decisions. 


How can our IT Support help your business?

By keeping your IT optimally maintained, and being available swiftly should any issues arise, our proactive monitoring and reactive support will keep risks of interruption and downtime to a minimum.

By helping your team to better leverage the capability of the technology in their hands, you'll be sure to drive employee engagement & productivity, which in-turn will improve the overall profitability of your company.

Technology has the capacity to help you grow and evolve your business - whether that's additional revenue or profit, improved levels of customer experience, or the launch & development of new products and services; your IT is here to do the heavy lifting, allowing you and your people to focus on where their insight and creativity is best to serve.

Unrivalled IT Support

Dasuni are masters of knowing what your business needs. Let us conduct a free network and security evaluation of your current IT systems because the harsh but simple fact is that there are a hundred and one things that can disrupt a business.

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