Improving commerce by simplifying establishment of trust.

A vision for better trust in commerce

Dasuni is developing an innovative blockchain based software product that intends to help change commerce across the internet as well as aspects of traditional commerce. A reflection of some of our core values of authenticity and trust we have with our clients, that we believe have helped make Dasuni successful and grow to opening a USA based office.

We have a vision of creating products and services, that help establish trust for other businesses quicker across the internet and in transactions in general.

Based from our Arizona Phoenix offices we continue to work on this software and continue to seek talented software developers to help realise this vision. 



We also work in collaboration with GCU Canyon Ventures. Working with their talented students to help implement our software vision.

Please don’t hesitate to make contact with us, and in particular if you want to join us, please refer to our vacancies page.

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