The Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT

Outsourcing your it

In our last article, we discussed why IT support is more than an insurance policy. Many business owners, however, are not able to afford or don’t want the hassle of managing an entire IT department. Some do manage without, but the majority outsource.

Outsourcing IT involves handing over some or all of your IT infrastructure to an external company. It’s ideal for companies without adequate budgets or space to house a dedicated IT department to outsource IT support.


Outsourcing: why you should do it

Lower operating costs

An in-house IT department can be very expensive for a growing company. A professional in the IT field can earn up to £45k, but despite their experience, they will still have knowledge gaps. By outsourcing your IT, you’ll gain access to a broader team of specialists, reducing knowledge gaps, illnesses, holidays and out-of-hours emergencies.

Spend more time running your business

The time you spend managing your IT infrastructure yourself could be better spent implementing better business strategies. Leave the complicated work to a reputable IT support company to free up your time.

Make use of the latest technology

It’s likely that you know a little about computers, but do you really know about the newest developments in IT? As outsourced IT providers are at the forefront of the industry, they have access to all the latest news and updates so that they can help your business keep up with trends and advances.

Boost your productivity

You may feel like you’re saving money by distributing IT tasks among existing staff. In reality, you’re probably not getting as much done as you would like because you’re reducing productivity. Let your existing employees focus on their roles, while an outsourced IT team provides you with on-demand support as problems arise.


Risks can arise from outsourcing

There are risks associated with everything. You should consider these factors before outsourcing your IT.

Loss of control over your data

When you entrust sensitive information to a third party, you cannot always be sure what will happen to it. It is easier to control where and how information is handled when you keep it internally. To mitigate this risk, choose an outsourced provider who adheres to industry standards and practices regarding data security

The outsourcing of complicated IT functions

The complexity of your company’s IT infrastructure may make it difficult to get up and running with an outsourced IT provider. Time, patience, and a competent IT provider can help you overcome this challenge. If your function is very complex, you may experience a slower start.

The loss of ownership of your IT infrastructure

Choosing a trustworthy provider can easily prevent this problem, even though it is a fairly rare occurrence. You should be cautious of providers who may introduce their own hardware or software and then demand it back at the end of the contract.


How to select an IT provider

Which one should you choose when there are so many options out there? When choosing, you need to consider four important factors:

Track record of the provider

The providers should be able to demonstrate their suitability for your business through case studies and success stories. Referrals and testimonials may also be helpful. This will help you determine the reputation of the company.

Services they offer

Many providers are full-service, meaning they can handle all aspects of your cloud and IT needs. You may also find that others can help you with different aspects of your technology puzzle. Consider your needs carefully before choosing a provider, and make sure the one you choose can fulfil them.

The speed of their response

If your network goes down, your employees cannot work and your clients cannot reach you. A high-quality provider can help you avoid this, but they should also respond immediately if an incident occurs to minimise risks.

Security and Backup

One of the most important things a provider can do for you is protect your data from cyber attacks. To combat malicious software, they should recommend robust security systems and endpoint protection.

Additionally, backup software should be implemented so that you can retrieve your data in the event of a breach. The implementation of a failproof backup strategy and system can help you run your business more confidently.

Although price is an important consideration, make sure your IT support provider is right for your business – even if it means spending more. With high-end expertise, customised services, and an understanding of threats, a reputable team can help you stay ahead of the competition.



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