CYBER Security Services

Protecting your business and valuable data from an ever growing digital threat.


Identifying the IT challenges you face.

Lack of knowledge?

Lacking in peace of mind as to whether you’re secure, protected and compliant?

Long response times?

Concerned by the downtime and recovery should you suffer with a cyber breach?

Unnecessarily technical?

Lost in the jargon and unsure where to turn to get straight-forward practical solutions?

Looking for proactive, flexible and reliable IT Support?


Solving your Cyber Security challenges.

Endpoint Protection.

By protecting your endpoint devices (laptops, PCs and mobile devices) we can be sure to keep your teams working and mitigate the impact of any cyber breach, should one occur.

Network Defences.

Defending the perimeter of your network by utilizing industry best practices, along with industry-leading technology, can help deflect threats as they attempt to breach your IT systems.

Policy & Process.

As important as the technical defenses used to protect your network, having robust policies and procedures for the way that your IT is used and data is handled, are vital to cyber security best practice.

Training & Testing.

The people within your team are an important and integral part of the cyber security tactics within your business. We’ll provide the training and ongoing testing they need to remain the step ahead.


How do our Security Services benefit you?

To provide a gap analysis on where your business stands today, we can provide a clear, independent and honest advice on your level of vulnerability to threats; along with clear guidance on the steps required to increase the level of cyber security posture within your business.

Within our cyber security oversight and monitoring, we'll provide you with the peace of mind that your network, servers and devices are actively monitored - to detect threats as they arise and respond to quarantine or deflect attacks.

In the event that a breach should occur, our team will proactively mitigate the potential for damage that an attack may cause, followed by a set of remediation steps to prevent any such breach from occurring again, or swiftly recover your data & systems in the event of any downtime, corruption or loss.

Enterprise level security

With security breaches at their highest level ever Dasuni aim to protect your network through deploying a suite of solutions all monitored proactively by us. Dasuni Managed Security is an Enterprise-grade endpoint security solution which is fully customisable and fully integrated with our Proactive Monitoring System.

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