Business challenges.

Addressing and solving your operational and commercial challenges by tailoring technology.


Striving for a more efficient way of working?

Making do with inefficient processes and a lot of hard work.

You might feel like you have little control of what's going on. You're lacking in visibility and data to make management decisions.

Your files and folders are poorly structured, and are difficult to access remotely. Team members resort to emailing copies between themselves, or other insecure methods of sharing files.

Everyone on the same page.

Be in control of your business workflow lifecycle from end-to-end - know what's happening when, by who. 

Organised document management, clear lines of communication, easily collaborate and visualise what's happening in your business.

Consistency and effortless process is achieved between the office, any remote workers and sub-site locations. Globally standardised workflows across the business.

Making technology work harder for you.

By taking the time to understand your team, your processes and your technology - we can identify gaps and opportunities for improvement where your IT can be better aligned to the way you need to work.

Our experts then set about customising any existing IT tools and services to better meet your demands, or sourcing and configuring an entire replacement - if necessary.

Feeling the weight of growing compliance obligations.

Whether you're in a specifically regulated industry, or not, the practice of doing business in the modern age is one that forever demands greater levels of regulatory compliance.

As cyber threats increase and data becomes ever more valuable, regulators and supply chains alike, are requiring businesses to step-up and certify to global standards - whether Cyber Essentials or ISO certifications, such as 9001 or 27001.

Compliant, secure and with competitive advantage.

Achieve peace of mind that not only your valuable data is protected and the risk of downtime within your own operations is mitigated, but current (and future potential) compliance standards have been understood & adopted - the entire way you work has been designed with a security-first mindset.

Your security-minded partner.

By working with you to understand your goals and requirements, we can combine our expertise and best practice approach, to structure your systems and processes to satisfy the requirements set by your regulators, legislation or standards.

We do the heavy lifting for you - bridging the gap between the operational and the technical, ensuring that any solution delivers on all levels.


Need to meet a growing level of compliance?

IT Support feeling a little like insurance?

Your IT Support provider is likely reactionary, helping you with issues - only as & when you raise them. They may well be pretty good at fixing problems, but beyond that - you hear little else from them. 

You are left without any peace of mind that your technology is proactively maintained, or remotely tailored to your needs and processes. There is no roadmap or direction to align your IT with the developments of the business.

Business & Technology - in sync.

Undoubtedly it is important to receive a fast and responsive service when issues strike, but beyond this reactive service - you will have achieved peace of mind that your best interests have been entirely considered and are maintained.

A roadmap will be developed that's in-line with the direction of the business - striving to leverage the best out of technology to support the efficiency and profitability of the company.

An IT Partner that keeps pace with our own business.

The team at Dasuni pride ourselves on delivering a forward-thinking service that, by taking the time to understand our client's businesses and their working requirements, continually delivers the return on investment from technology that your company deserves. 

With better technology, you'll deliver a better customer experience, have happier teams, and deliver more profit.


Feeling lost with your IT Support company?


Can you keep the lights on during any disaster?

Uncertain and praying it never happens.

A number of unplanned events could cause catastrophic disruption to the operations of your business, whether fire, flood, loss of power or internet, through to the loss of data following a cyber attack; the sanctity of your daily work presents threats that you aren't sure you'll easily overcome.

Unphased - cool, calm and collected.

The IT infrastructure around your business will have been thought through and structured sufficiently to ensure you are able to 'keep the lights on', following any disaster event.

If you lose data, you'll be able to recover precisely what's missing - in a flash. If your office is rendered unusable - your team will be able to work from elsewhere with the same level of ease.

Business continuity, disaster recovery.

We blend together the right combination of IT tools and services that deliver the capability you demand, within an accessible budget. 

Utilising the cloud, along with appropriate data backup, we'll develop the right access to resources and failover that can mitigate almost any threat your company could face.

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